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Landlord Of Stephen Port Victim Speaks About ‘Hitting Brick Wall’ With Police Over Murders

Stephen Port

One of the most shocking stories that touched the world of online dating last year was that of serial killer Stephen Port and the four young men he murdered after meeting them online.

Part of this shock was around how 41-year-old Port was able to commit four murders despite the similarities between the cases, and the fact that police had already interviewed the killer after the first death.

Yesterday, the Guardian published an interview John Pape, the landlord of one of the victims, 22-year-old Slovakian graduate Gabriel Kovari, who speaks about his experiences with the police.

Pape tells Caroline Davies that he felt he “hit a brick wall with the police”, having Googled “unexplained deaths in Barking” and finding another death that had striking similarities to Kovari’s.

The landlord also speaks about how Port tried to throw police off the scent with a fake suicide note from one of his victims, and by spreading false claims about sordid chemsex parties in the Barking area using a fake Facebook account.

Check out the interview here.

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