Match Group North America CEO Mandy Ginsberg Writes Essay On Mastectomy

mandy ginsberg

Mandy Ginsberg, the CEO of Match Group North America, has written an essay about her decision to get a mastectomy.

The very personal article, published on Thrive Global, deals with Ginsberg’s family history with cancer, and her own experiences testing positive for a particular mutation called BRCA1.

Ginsberg says: “By far this was the biggest challenge I have had in my life. The advice I would give other women is check early, check often. This is a disease we can fight.

“And when my daughters are old enough, I will encourage them to take the BRCA test since they have a 50% chance of having the mutation. They can use the medical information available to them to make their own decisions.”

Thrive Global is Arianna Huffington’s new company, which launched last August and aims to “end the stress and burnout epidemic” by promoting wellness at a corporate and consumer level.

Read the article here.