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New Data Reveals When Push Notifications Are Most Effective


As push notifications become increasingly important, almost all mobile brands are now implementing them as part of their app engagement and retention strategies.

In light of this, a recent blog post by Uber’s growth expert Andrew Chen analyses new push notification data from mobile marketing automation tool Leanplum.

The research, which saw the company analyse 671m pushes, reveals some intriguing insights into the way consumers interact with these notifications.

In particular, the post looks at the times of day where push notifications are opened the most, peaking at noon, 3pm and – most highly – between 6pm and 9pm.

Chen also looks at the correlation between leisure activities and high opens of push notifications, noting that internet usage peaks at 8am and 7pm and iOS and Android app usage rises at around 7am.

Last week, the CEO of exclusive dating platform The Inner Circle, David Vermeulen, spoke at the GDI Conference, where he stressed how effective push notifications have been for ensuring a high level of app engagement amongst its users.

You can read Chen’s full post here.

Danielle White

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