New Ogury Study Looks At How Different Dating Apps Are Used Around The World


Mobile data platform Ogury recently conducted a study to discover how dating apps are used around the world.

The study used a sample of more than 6m user profiles in the US, UK, France, Italy and Spain.

The profiles were analysed between January and June 2017 and included the same proportion of men and women.

Within the study, released as an infographic, there was research into dating app habits from both a country and city perspective.

The study also looked at topics like the days and times different apps are most used, and what the top five apps are for each country.

Below are some interesting facts from the 2017 study:

  • Tinder appeared in the top five of the favourite apps in every country for men and women
  • Overall, men are twice as active on dating apps than women
  • Female engagement on dating apps is the highest in Madrid, and lowest in New York City
  • Thursday is the most popular day on dating apps in every country studied, singles spending an average of 27 minutes and 32 seconds on dating apps
  • Saturday is a big day for MeetMe, women using the app for as much as one hour
  • Wyoming has the highest female to male ratio
  • OkCupid has the highest percentage of male and female users who have not uninstalled the app after downloading

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