Once Invites Journalist To Act As Matchmaker For A Day


For a recent feature, Once invited a Glamour journalist into its office to act as one of its specialised matchmakers for a day.

Unlike some apps, Once does not just use an algorithm to match its users, instead getting real people to work out the best matches for singles based on the photographs and profile info that users upload to the app.

This system works by first using an algorithm to find 15-20 likely matches, before a Once Matchmaker sits down and chooses who is best matched with who.

Once employs these “date doctors” and pays them 10p per successful match.

As Once’s Amélie Guerard says: “Our best matchmaker is a thirtysomething farmer’s wife in France who earns around £2,300 per month. It’s an odd science – the more you match, the more keen your eye becomes for details. My own percentages are up at a 54% success rate – and I can get a successful match within 15-20 seconds of opening a profile.”

And as a clever bit of PR, the London-based startup asked journalist Andy Jones to be one of their matchmakers for a day, to showcase its more personalised way of matching singles.

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