Read Analysis of Tinder’s First Year Growth Strategy


By any standards, Tinder’s growth has been nothing short of exceptional.

The app reached 1m monthly active users less than a year from launch, and in 30 months had reached 24m.

Research & business strategy company Parantap has analysed the Hollywood app’s first year after launch, looking at the growth strategies, tactics and marketing plans the company used.

In addition to covering Tinder’s well-documented Facebook-style growth strategy of launching the app at US colleges, and having their team drum up support at sororities and fraternities,  Parship’s Bryan Hackett also looks at some less well-known ideas.

These include matching the Tinder press images to sorority image styles, controlling the first impressions of users, and having launch parties where entry was only allowed if you had downloaded the app.

And as the app gained traction, the company shifted their marketing strategy with city-by-city launch parties at exclusive clubs across the US.

Check out the analysis here.