Read This Excellent Guide On Growing Your Business With Content Marketing

Content Marketing
Content marketing is one of the most cost-effective tools for growing a business.

This is what Intercom’s managing editor John Collins believes, and following his talk on the subject at the Inside Intercom World Tour, in a new blog post he has laid out exactly how businesses can get the most out of it.

Collins speaks about the importance of evergreen content, which is content that addresses “timeless themes” rather than current “of the moment” news, i.e. content that has relevance and is interesting no matter when it is posted.

As he says: “Producing evergreen content is a bit like saving. For this strategy to work, you’ve got to do it regularly. It takes time to pay off.

“The great thing about content marketing though is, unlike other types of marketing, it’s a compound return. The more you put into it, the more you will actually get out.”

His useful guide on the subject gives some invaluable tips for businesses looking to increase their exposure and grow their business with content marketing, as well as advice on some pitfalls to avoid.

Check out the video & article here.