Time Article Looks At Theories Behind New ‘Smell Dating’ Service

Smell Dating
In today’s thriving market, companies new & old are trying to come up with original ways to match singles and spark new relationships.

A new article published on Time introduces the concept of mail order smell dating service, Smell Dating, which takes singles’ dirty clothes and posts samples off to interested participants.

If both singles like each other’s smell, the service helps the pair to organise a date and meet.

The author of The Great Pheromone Myth, Richard Doty said: “How we learn and label odors dictates largely whether we like them or not.

“An odor can either smell like puke or like the armpit of your lover.”

And some studies have shown that smell could be useful in finding love, because the sense is actually a key factor in determining what we, as humans, like or dislike –  it be food or future partners.

Journalist Mandy Oaklander looks into these theories, speaks to the creators of the dating service, and tries it out for herself.

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