This Article Says Mobile Adblocking Is ‘Overhyped & Mostly Unworkable’


A recent take on the controversial subject of mobile ad blocking says that much of the doom & gloom written about it is “nonsense”, because it is overhyped and mostly unworkable.

Written by Dean Bubley from Disruptive Wireless, it talks about the recent reports of mobile operators blocking ads transiting cellular networks, and stories about them even charging advertisers for their delivery.

He believes much of the claims are “hugely overhyped”, saying: “It’s unlikely to stop more than single-digit % of overall data traffic per user. There’s a huge set of “gotchas” for the idea that mobile network operators can make a meaningful difference, given WiFi and in-app ads.

“And the idea of actually charging advertisers for some sort of curated “personal advertising preference” system isn’t going to come through this route either.”

Read the very interesting perspective here.