Reporter Shares Five Things She Noticed When Using Happn In India

happnLast month, French dating app Happn launched in India, gaining an impressive 200,000 users during its very first week in the market.

The company has now confirmed it is very keen to push the app’s presence across the region, with its CEO and founder Didier Rappaport saying it hopes to have over 1m users in India by the end of the year.

Following its debut in the market, a number reports have emerged, written by individuals sharing their initial thoughts and experiences of the app, and forecasting just how well they think the dating app will perform there.

One such article was published yesterday by Business Insider India reporter Poulomi Das, outlining five things she learned about Happn after using it for one week.

Throughout the piece, Das credits Happn on its “easy-to-use” functionality, and reveals how she found the app to be safe but addictive – after saying that she opened the app numerous times during one day.

Additionally, she notes how the app uses real-time technology to cut out the notion of using the app to arrange a later meeting, but also expresses surprise at the amount of married people that she came across when browsing on the platform.

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