Tinder Execs Talk Growth, Getting Acquired & Other Advice For Tech Startups


Last year, Tinder acquired Wheel, an LA-based social app that lets users create collaborative video stories.

With the deal, co-founder and CEO Paul Boukadakis joined the Tinder team, taking the position of VP of special initiatives.

Boukadakis and Tinder’s head of product and revenue, Brian Norgard, recently sat down with Entrepreneur to offer startups some tips about growth and acquisition.

Both executives advise against starting a company with acquisition as the end goal, instead entrepreneurs should focus on creating a “unique narrative”, something that differentiates them from the pack.

As Brian Norgard says: “If you do something great that stands out, which is incredibly hard to do in the mobile world, the powers that be will find you. And that means not just companies, but venture capital firms, talent, press – it’s all connected.”

Boukadakis speaks about how the Wheel team were “religious” in thinking where its product would fit in the social space before they began building it, and also encourages all startups to seek the counsel of advisors “who aren’t your advisors”, as they are more likely to be frank in their feedback.

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