Venntro Talks Remote Working In New Developer Blog Post

Venntro has posted a new article on its developer blog detailing how the company organises remote working with its team.

Written by Venntro CTO Barry Frost, the post talks about how the dating business has organised the processes and structure of its development team.

The piece details the various tools the company uses to make remote working successful, such as Slack, Google Hangouts, GitHub, Confluence and InVision.

It quotes a recent study that said companies who support remote working have 25% lower employee turnover than those that don’t.

As Frost says: “A common theme in feedback from our remote people was about their better work-life balance, especially no longer requiring long commutes which “drained” them and meant their only downtime was at weekends.

“While some people enjoy open-plan offices, others find working at home more productive: “I don’t miss loud phone calls and blaring radios from other departments” and “Fewer distractions and better focus for me.”

“Being remote hasn’t damaged career prospects. Three of our team progressed to senior positions after going fully remote. Appraisals are still conducted and promotions awarded regardless of location.”

Check out the article here.