FROM THE WEB: Could Emotional A.I. Be The Next Big Thing In Tech & Online Dating

Emotional A.I.

A recent article by Inverse looks at whether emotional artificial intelligence could be the next big thing in tech.

The experimental software, which uses facial expressions to detect emotion, is currently being developed by companies such as Affectiva, whose technology is already being used in sectors like advertising, robotics and healthcare.

Inverse suggests that emotional A.I. could also be used to improve things such as online dating products, virtual games and even shopping experiences, by working out how an individual is feeling at any given time.

So far, Affectiva’s technology has analysed over 9m faces from over 75 countries, and at the recent New York TechWeek the company unveiled its Affdex Research app, which uses 40m emotional data points to identify facial expressions via mobile phone cameras.

As it stands, the software is currently available as a free SDK and API to companies valued under $1m, a scheme that hopes to spur creation and boost the use of the technology.

Gabi Zijderveld, CMO for Affectiva said: “It’s kind of an infinite project, so we’re all about partners.”

The company is also expected to be working on voice recognition software, which aims to detect emotion through speech.

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