FROM THE WEB: The Guardian Interviews Founder Jerry Miller

Niche dating site has ramped up a sizeable 5m subscribers across the USA and Canada since its launch in 2005, according to a recent interview with founder Jerry Miller in The Guardian.

Miller speak about how with long and antisocial hours, limited weekends and rare holiday time, as well as the physical seclusion of living on a farm, farmers can often feel left out when it comes to dating.

So, Miller realised that a dating site for this community could work and decided to create over a decade ago.

The platform now boasts a 50/50 male to female split, and has seen success with its marketing campaigns, with one of its TV commercials having been watched over 1m times, and the likes of Ellen Degeneres, Carrie Underwood and Carmelo Anthony all commenting on the ad, according to The Guardian.

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