FROM THE WEB: Guardian Interviews Security Expert Brian Krebs

Over the Christmas period, the Guardian posted an excellent interview with renowned security expert and journalist Brian Krebs.

The 43-year-old former Washington Post employee writes the most essential blog on internet security, and has helped to expose some of the biggest hacks of the past decade, including the Ashley Madison breach last year.

His work has made him the scourge of hackers, sometimes with frightening results – in 2013 a cybercriminal calling himself The Fly tried to frame Krebs by posting him a gram of heroin taped to the back of a magazine.

When this sting didn’t work, the Ukrainian hacker sent Krebs’ wife a funeral flower arrangement.

Krebs recounts these shocking stories to the Guardian’s Sam Thielman, as well as offering some basic tips on keeping yourself safe online.

Read the interview here.