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FROM THE WEB: How To Maximise Your Company’s Social Media

Social Media
A recent article on hopes to draw some light on how businesses can best use social media.

The article explains how social media can be a key tool in understanding customers, as people will often turn to online platforms to give feedback.

And this kind of communication can often be a very good indication of what a business is doing well and what areas need improving.

The article explains: “Just ‘being’ on social media is not enough. The key here is remembering that social media is not going to fix services that are broken or poorly designed.

“Indeed, it’s likely to only make things worse. That’s why service brands should focus on using social media as a tool to provide data and insight, to help understand user needs, with the aim of constantly improving what they do.

“The focus should be on continuous improvement.”

The article also advises businesses to “make sure you build a great content team”, as great social media primarily revolves around having good content.

And being able to integrate social media as a core part of the business is key, as “if that ambition isn’t there, it’s not going to work.”

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Emma Woodley

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