FROM THE WEB: Are Millennials Willing To Pay For Online Dating?

Online Dating
A recent article by Bloomberg asks whether millennials are actually willing to pay for online dating products.

And perhaps surprisingly, the answer could be yes, with dating platforms now realising that the key to monetisation could lie in trying to persuade young people to pay for online dating.

However there is a catch, as explained by Bloomberg: “There’s a tipping point for what they’re willing to shell out: no more than $15 a month, according to an informal survey of about a dozen millennials.

“And when they pony up for monthly subscriptions, they want features unlike those offered in the apps’ free versions.”

The article looks into what young online daters think about apps like Tinder, Bumble and most recently, Hinge, which have all adopted payment schemes as a way of bringing in revenue, and what millennials’ liked and disliked about the services offered to paying users.

Amongst the most popular features mentioned by those surveyed was Tinder’s Super Like, which lets users pay to show a real interest in other singles and appear first in their feed.

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