FROM THE WEB: The Washington Post Talks To The Brains Behind ‘Tinder Live’

Tinder Live

New York writer and comedian Lane Moore recently sat down with The Washington Post to talk about her live comedy show “Tinder Live”.

Showing at Washington D.C.’s Lincoln Theatre on Valentine’s Day, Moore’s Tinder Live aims to bring the app to life and shows her swiping through profiles on the app with the help of a panel.

In the interview, Moore explains that going on dating apps can be a daunting experience, especially if you swipe alone.

However with Tinder Live, Moore is hoping to bring some humour to the process by showing how fun online dating can be.

In the interview, Moore also offers insight into what she looks for on Tinder, the biggest profile mistakes people can make and who makes the cut to be a panellist for the show.

Moore said: “I have a lot of segments on the show that specifically target and talk about the biggest mistakes — or tropes. One of them I call: This might be my kid.

“You can’t just put your baby in there … because then I’m going to think that you recently had a baby with your wife and you’re cheating. Just explain it.

“There’s also a fun game I play with the audience called: Which one is it? That’s when you have a photo … where it’s 10 people and you don’t even know who you’re trying to have sex with. Sometimes, there’s never an individual photo.

“There’s another segment I call: Women let me touch them. This is when guys have their arms around a bunch of women. Maybe you’re trying to show that hot girls find you attractive, or you have hot female friends … but you don’t want to introduce a weird competition.

“That’s what women are going to think: Are you involved with those girls? Are you going to compare me to those girls?”

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