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What Will Apple’s Paid Ads Mean For Developers?

iOS 10 Update

Apple recently announced a host of new changes to the App Store that will allow companies to advertise on the online store.

The changes include new paid ads that mean developers can bid on and buy ad space at the top of each user search.

A recent article by Tech Crunch has given light to the implications this new update could have on large and small businesses.

The article argues that the update could give a big advantage to already popular apps, which will likely be able to gain more traffic, because such companies will have more money to spend on ad space.

However AppsFlyer co-founder and CEO Oren Kaniel says that the update could also mean that smaller, more indie businesses can have an increased chance of gaining greater footing and increased visibility.

As Kaniel says: “For those with a good product and minimal budgets, if they invest smartly in paid search and constantly measure their results – then double-down on the strategies that prove ROI positive – they can still be successful. The very nature of app store searches involves strong user intent, so smaller developers can still capture an audience of valuable, loyal users, even as the rules of the game change.”

Check it out here here.

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