FROM THE WEB: ‘Who hacked Ashley Madison and why?’ The Advertiser


The Advertiser has today published an in-depth investigation looking at who hacked adultery site Ashley Madison, and why.

The article, written by Tom Lamont, gives a chronological account of the hack, which took place last July, and released the personal information of its 33m users, from the moment Brian Krebs broke the story, and the ongoing distress the leak is causing its former users.

Throughout the article, Lamont refers to the story of one Ashley Madison user – who is called Michael for privacy reasons – outlining the measures he took to try and ensure his identity would remain a secret on the site.

It also gives an interesting insight into how Krebs tried to find out more about the identity of the hackers – also known as The Impact Team – and how he attempted to understand their motivation for posting the personal information of its users on the Dark Web.

Read the full article here.