WIRED Puts Together Oral History Of Tinder’s Swipe


The swipe, made famous by Tinder and copied by almost every dating app since, is now one of the most recognisable design features in tech.

WIRED has just put together an oral history of the swipe, speaking to those around at the genesis of the feature.

Hatch Labs CEO Dinesh Moorjani, Tinder Chief Strategy Officer Jonathan Badeen, CTO Ryan Ogle and CEO Sean Rad speak about how the feature was born, how it developed, and why it works.

The feature includes titbits such as Badeen’s claim that he came up with the idea for Tinder’s swipe one morning looking in the mirror: “I was getting out of the shower one morning, wiping the mirror because the room was steamy, and I saw myself staring back at myself. Then I wiped the other direction. All of a sudden it clicked.”

Check out the piece here.