Zoosk’s Senior Data Architect Talks Reducing Churn Using Behaviour Data Insights


For a recent interview, one of Zoosk’s top data executives spoke about the inner workings of its analytics & data system.

Marilson Campos, Zoosk’s Senior Data Architect, spoke about how integral Hadoop is to processing its data, and how it has built its enterprise data hub using Cloudera Enterprise.

Campos reveals that Zoosk processes 5m terabytes a day and has just over one petabyte of total data stored.

The data architect details how the company uses behaviour data to improve user experience & product, to both optimise search and reduce churn.

He also says that Cloudera, who created the video, has helped the dating company to gather new insights that have enabled them to catch early indicators of churn that the company can then use to inform product changes and feature updates.

Check out the video here.