10 Top Stories Not To Miss On GDI This Week

  1. Interview: Grindr’s Peter Sloterdyk on Pronouns, Egypt and INTO Magazine– To find out more about Grindr’s 2017 updates, GDI spoke to Vice President of Marketing Peter Stoterdyk.
  2. Interview: eHarmony CEO Talks Donald Trump – GDI got in touch with CEO Grant Langston to find out about the effect Trump was having on the dating world.
  3. Ashley Madison Private Photos ‘Accessible’ – Private pictures on the site are accessed via a secure ‘key’. A default setting on the app may mean people give away their key unwittingly, however.
  4. Video: GDI Meets the Founder of CLiKD – GDI spoke to Michael Blakeley, CEO and Founder of the innovative dating platform, to find out more about the app and its features.
  5. Paktor Launches New Feature Inviting Users to be Matchmakers – Matchmaker allows users to invite friends to play a mini-game of matching within the app, even if they are not a user on Paktor.
  6. Forbes India Profiles Matrimony.com – The featured article tells the story of how Founder Janakiraman went from living in a one bed house with his parents and his elder brother to being the leader in India’s online matchmaking.
  7. Snap Interactive to Partner with Blockchain Security Innovator Gladius – SNAP will also make an investment towards Gladius’ Initial Coin offering (“ICO”).
  8. OKCupid Discovery Feature Moves to iOS – The search tool allows users to browse profiles by keywords – a search for ‘rugby’ will return a host of profiles mentioning the sport, and so on.
  9. Evercore ISI Analyst Recommends IAC & Match Stocks – Anthony DiClemente, a Senior Managing Director at Evercore ISI, has released insights pertaining to a range of internet stocks.
  10. App Annie Makes 2018 App Economy Predictions – Users are spending approximately two hours per day on applications in developed markets, and many play key roles in business.
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