Executive Interview: Jana Bayad, CEO of SingldOut


Name: Jana Bayad
Position & Company: CEO & co-founder at SINGLDOUT, Inc.
Period of time in the role: 7 months
Twitter ID: @TweetingJana

Can you describe your role and what you do?

As the CEO of a tech startup, I am responsible for creating, communicating, and implementing SingldOut’s vision and overall direction. Leading the development and implementation of the overall strategy is what I enjoy best. I am also responsible for seeking and securing proper funding from the right investors.

Tell us about SingldOut.

SingldOut has developed a new online/mobile dating platform which solves a number of pain points for “professional singles” not being addressed by the current online dating platforms. By providing a number of unique filter sets, including the ability to match users based upon basic genetic profiling and requiring an active LinkedIn account, we believe that we can consistently deliver higher quality first date experiences to our users. SingldOut has harnessed the ‘science of attraction’ and is creating a powerful online dating platform specifically designed for professional singles.

How did the partnership with Instant Chemistry come about?

We have done ample research to identify the right solution for single professionals when it comes to online dating. We knew that there was a huge underserved market; after reviewing our scientific and market research we found that Instant Chemistry had the most cutting edge solution that can help single professionals predetermine online whether they will share chemistry offline.

How did the SingldOut team come together and what are your backgrounds in?

I was having a good cup of coffee with Elle France, a high-end matchmaker in Rancho Santa Fe, when we started talking about the pitfalls of online dating and all the horror stories that we have heard. One story led to another and next thing we know, we decided to go into business to bring forward a solution to an industry that is thirsty for innovation, so we founded SingldOut, Inc. At a later date, and while were seeking angel funding at SDTCA, we met Jack Scatizzi, who has a PhD in Molecular Microbiology and Immunology. Jack reviewed all the scientific research behind the DNA-based compatibility and became a huge fan right away. He later joined our team as the VP of business development.

Why do you think DNA-based dating can provide better matches than interest-based matching or algorithm methods.

We all know that singles are disillusioned with the current status of online dating and the matching algorithms out there. For a single professional who is already short on time, sifting through 100s of profiles to find a good date is not a viable option. We offer a unique and new filter set, not available on other dating sites, based upon basic genetic profiling.
– Genetic differences in the serotonin uptake transporter gene have demonstrated the ability to predict personality types.
– Essentially, we can predict how people react to positive and negative emotions.
– Genetic differences in the immune system have been shown to serve as a marker for overall genetic diversity. And research has shown that pheromone-based attraction is inversely proportional to genetic diversity.
– Essentially, we can predict the level of “instant chemistry” between two people.
– Additionally, research has shown that there is a strong correlation between people in long-term relationships having different versions of the serotonin genes and different immune systems.
      – Thus by combining the two genetic profiles and utilizing exclusive proprietary algorithms, we can determine a projected “relationship” score based upon basic genetic profiling.

Why did you decide to connect with LinkedIn? Are you worried people will be wary of mixing their professional and private lives? 

All users are required to have an active LinkedIn account, which creates a diverse but similar user base, that is an excellent balance between generic and niche dating sites. There is no sharing of any information with LinkedIn, plus we do not save any information about our LI members, other than their email address. Using LI also allows us to limit fake profiles and create a market that is not too generic, nor too niche.

Do you feel there is disillusionment towards current online dating methods?

Yes absolutely. Singles are tired of fake profiles, 10 year old pictures and lack of chemistry with a first date who looked really good online, but not offline. The “shot gun” approach that one has to go through is not really viable or efficient for busy singles who like to also connect with like-minded people with similar lifestyles.Our market research indicated that the percentage of satisfied online dating members of big generic websites is very low, especially amongst single professionals.

Are there plans to release on mobile?

Yes, we are working on a unique and highly entertaining mobile experience, it is just taking us a bit longer because of our insistence to bring the best to market. Our alpha/beta website is simply that, and we are working on revamping it very soon as well.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

We will continue working to bring forth a unique experience that busy single professionals will enjoy and tell their single friends about. We are also working on very exciting partnerships that we will unveil at the right time.

Visit SingldOut here.

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