Interview: Grand Slam Media and Dating Profits Limited Collaborate

Digital advertisers Grand Slam Media have made big moves in the dating sector in 2017,  working with TrafficPartner earlier in the year to offer more in the way of European members area traffic.

Most recently, the company began partnering with Dating Profits Limited (DPLAds) for a new collaboration.

GDI spoke to Sales Lead Dayna Deruelle about the new partnership.

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For those in the dating niche who might not have heard of you, what is Grand Slam Media, and what do you offer companies?

“Grand Slam Media is a digital advertising agency with a focus on banner, pop, and email marketing. Our traffic is primarily sourced from strategic partnerships with dating networks, premium content subscription sites, and other web properties. For our advertisers, what sets us apart from the rest is our fully programmatic foundation, allowing advertisers to maximize their efficiency when optimizing campaigns. Meanwhile, for publishers, we function as an outsourced marketing solution handling everything from basic reporting to optimization and forecasting all on their behalf.”

Who are DPLAds and what do they offer?

“DPLAds is a fully flexible and purpose built engagement and monetization platform developed to help subscription based businesses​ ​​maximize ROI and lifetime values.  They do this by targeting members with tailored and relevant content, encouraging member activity, increased engagement and enriching database quality.”

What will the partnership between the two companies enable you to do that you couldn’t do previously?

“Work in close cooperation to deliver an all encompassing marketing experience to online, subscription based companies, backed by hard data, an insurance policy of sorts. When a client works with both DPL and GSM, they will find a perfect balance between user engagement and internal monetization, coupled with revenue generated from external ad sales.”

How did the partnership come about?

“Our business history with the DPL team began before their company was incorporated, when two of the partners were senior employees with a prominent online dating platform. Over time we steadily grew a stream of business together and eventually the guys saw an opportunity, a need in the marketplace for a service such as that which they offer today, available to a wide range of platforms seeking the next level of success. Our relationship is based on trust, transparency, and a mutual desire to deliver the best experience to our client-base.”

How has 2017 been at Grand Slam Media more generally? Have you had a good year? What have been the high points?

“This has been an exciting year at Grand Slam Media which kicked off with a landmark merger deal with German based dating network TrafficPartner growing our manpower and resources tenfold. This union has sparked our rapid expansion into European markets with a focus on German speaking and Nordic countries. To cap it all off, we just celebrated our 10 year anniversary where we hosted a number of our close friends and business partners here in Toronto.”

Scott Harvey

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