Interview: Old Style Dating Founder Talks Traditional Dating Standards

Old Style Dating is a modern online dating platform that insists on traditional values. Its main aim is to create lasting relationships between couples who are respectful, well-mannered and loyal to one another.

It has recently enlisted two specialist coaches to help users along at every step of their dating journey, from creating their profile to meeting a match for the first time.

Founder Dennie Smith takes a very personal approach to customer service, and has promised each user that she will do everything in her power to find them a long-term partner.

GDI spoke to Smith about what it’s like to run a traditional service in 2019, and what her aims are for the future.

Read the full interview below:

1. Tell us a bit about the origin of Old Style Dating, for those who may not have heard of your brand.

DS: “I own a vintage themed hair salon, and clients were always sharing their bad online dating experiences, including my own daughter Laurel (30yo) and her friends.

I respect good manners and chivalry, and after researching, I did not find one dating agency that promoted these qualities highly. There are lots of different niches but none simply concerned with decent dating for serious singles. So, I thought I would create my own agency, and find Laurel a gentlemen.”

2. How do you look to acquire users and communicate the message that Old Style Dating is the place for serious singles?

DS: “I believe our branding and design are the telling point. Every piece of text has been carefully written to ensure that we attract the right kind of person. All of our social media posts portray that message too.

Our rules are strict, for example, profile photos must be of modest dress, with an unobstructed face, and no filters. I have been fortunate to have a lot of press coverage, which has also been very clear about our ethos.”

3. You’ve recently expanded your team to include a range of dating experts. Who have you brought on board, and what role are they likely to play?

DS: “I am still pinching myself to have two highly respected and experienced dating coaches on board. The fabulous James Preece and Jo Hemmings. They will be on hand to offer their services to any members that need help with their dating journey.

I wanted a one stop dating website. There are lots of steps in dating, from writing your profile to confidence issues. So I have a personal stylist, photographers, dating coaches, and even a psychic medium — some people may want some spiritual guidance.”

4. You take a very personal approach with your user base, putting yourself out there as the face of the brand. Do you think this forms a major part of your offering, and has it become more difficult to sustain that as the company has scaled?

DS: “I am passionate about so many things, and great customer service is one of them. I want people to believe in me and trust me. When I say I’m always available to contact I mean it. My children are always telling me not to answer the phone at 10pm to a potential member. But I can’t not, people have had such bad past experiences.

Although I can’t guarantee that they will find love, I can guarantee my commitment to them. I genuinely care about my members. I am down to earth, and everyone is important to me.”

5. Where do you hope Old Style Dating will be in the next 12 months, and what can you tell us about your plans going forwards?

DS: “Going forward, I am looking forward to growing, and having lots of success stories. I really hope to be invited to a wedding. We actually offer honeymoon vouchers to those that marry through us.

I am very happy that finally I have a great team on board, I am so very excited that they can help members with their journey to finding love. I will just keep promoting traditional values. I believe many yearn for them, but won’t always admit it.

I would love to see the Old Style Dating logo everywhere.”

Visit the Old Style Dating website here.