ExoClick and TrafficMansion Announce ‘Native November Cash Back’ Promotion

ExoClick, the innovative ad company, and the number one converting dating program TrafficMansion, today announced their Native November Cash Back promotion.

Both companies have launched an industry first: brand new inventory for Native advertising ad spots for a selection of TrafficMansion Members Area websites. The Native ads are displayed within the dating profile selection pages making them ideal for LiveCam products. Advertisers can create Native ad campaigns using Cam models so that they appear just like dating site member profiles. This will bring a very high CTR rate for LiveCam campaigns. ExoClick recommends that to follow a high converting Native customer flow, advertisers should create specific pre landers that feature an interview with the model and statistics and interests and placing the call to action at the bottom of the prelander to lead to the LiveCam site.

To celebrate these new ad zones ExoClick is launching Native November, a 15% cash back promotion that will run through the entire month. Advertisers who book flat deals for TrafficMansion Native ad spots are eligible for the cash back promotion, with minimum deals set at $100 per account during the month of November to qualify for the cash back. The cash back will be credited to advertiser accounts to spend on any ExoClick traffic in December.

TrafficMansion’s Lidija Krickovic commented, “We are very excited to be the first Members Area dating program to feature Native ad zones. Our users are highly engaged and actively visiting our sites on a daily basis, looking for opportunities to chat with other members either locally or internationally. The cash back promotion is a great opportunity for advertisers to test, optimise and convert their Livecam offers using our high quality traffic and ExoClick’s industry leading technology.” 

Evan Zirdelis, ExoClick’s Sales and Ad Operations Director continued, “The placement of Native ads within TrafficMansion dating site profiles offers advertisers a unique opportunity to drive conversions for LiveCam offers. The personalisation of each model’s Native flow not only creates user interest for the model but also places LiveCam products one click away to a user who is already on the dating site and ready to chat.”  

TrafficMansion’s Native ad zones are exclusively available through ExoClick and bidding is via CPM or CPC. To arrange flat deals please contact your account manager or a Client Care Specialist by emailing help@exoclick.com.

Cash back promotion rules

  • Minimum spend is $100 per account.
  • The 15% cash back is capped at a maximum payment of $500 per account.
  • All advertisers are entitled to this promotion for campaigns that are buying TrafficMansion Native ad spots, no other Native ad spots are included in the cash back promotion.
  • The cash back will be transferred directly to each advertiser’s account no later than Monday 9th December 2020.
  • The credit can only be spent on ExoClick’s traffic to buy any ad format.
  • The advertiser must follow ExoClick’s compliance guidelines, any breach of these guidelines will disqualify the advertiser from further participation in this promotion.
  • All advertisers are entitled to this promotion for new and existing campaigns using TrafficMansion’s Native ad format.
  • The promotion begins from 12am (EST) 1st November 2020 through to 12pm (EST) 30th November 2020.

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