ExoClick Introduces New Minimum Bid Prices

ExoClick has introduced new minimum bid prices across all ad formats and tiers on desktop & mobile in US$ or Euros.

Video formats In-stream and Slider:

Tier 1 : 0.1 CPM / 0.01 CPC

Tier 2: 0.05 CPM / 0.01 CPC

Tier 3: 0.01 CPM / 0.01 CPC

Native – Banner – Instant Message:

Tier 1: 0.01 CPM / 0.01 CPC

Tier 2: 0.005 CPM / 0.005 CPC

Tier 3: 0.001 CPM / 0.001 CPC


Tier 1: 0.5 CPM

Tier 2: 0.3 CPM

Tier 3: 0.1 CPM

Fullpage Interstitial:

Tier 1: 0.5 CPM / 0.05 CPC

Tier 2: 0.3 CPM / 0.03 CPC

Tier 3: 0.1 CPM / 0.01 CPC

Please note: The minimum prices are not available for Members Area ad zones. 

ExoClick’s Sales and Ad Operations Director Evan Zirdelis commented: “These new low bid prices will run from now on across ExoClick’s network. They are a great opportunity for advertisers to experiment and test out campaigns, ensuring a wide range of data is collected for campaign optimization. Running new low bidding RON campaigns will help advertisers discover new ad zones to target. Additionally advertisers should set up new campaigns with the ExoClick Bidder which will adjust each ad zone according to the CPA they goal set. Our new low bid prices are the perfect way to launch campaigns with minimum risk.” 

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