Latest Brand in Next-Gen Platform Rollout

D8U is our in-house mainstream dating brand and it joins several others that are in intensive field trials of our new mainstream platform. By doing this we are able to invest, test and improve the platform before rolling out to more partners. This ensures partners have the most dependable, financially and technically secure platform for dating conversions and ROI.

After listening to user feedback, we have implemented improvements to the platform which will offer the same great features and functionality whilst being optimised to enhance member experience and maximise enjoyment.

Mayka, our Product Manager, said in a statement:

‘We focused on optimising UX,  producing a clean and simplified layout for members to easily navigate. Members can enjoy a full dating experience plus a real feel of community.  We have made significant UI changes to all of the platforms features which allow members to share their own thoughts, content and media.

We can’t wait to offer the new platform to partners, in the meantime we are continuing to test and optimise until we have the best possible version for our partner’s ROI. ‘

What are some of the features a member can expect to access when signing up to D8U?

The Feed –

Here members can see everything from the latest pictures uploaded, blogs added and activity from friends and other members. The best place to network and be seen by others!

Match Area –

A quick and effective way to get matched with others. Members can check out potential matches and decide whether to add them to their favourites or not, it’s as easy as one click.

Search –

Use the search function to look for members based on their distance from your profile location, age range and/or media. This feature is optimised to provide advanced search options, specifying everything from build to religion. Members can also organise filters for how they would like their search results to display. 

Chatty –

The ‘Chatty area’ offers a plethora of advice, games, competitions and other interactive content which has been tailored specifically for members based on their interests.  

All these features are available for non paying members in order to provide the best possible user experience and in turn boosting member retention rates. Our team will be rolling out the Next-Gen platform to more partners in the near future, we look forward to giving you more details on this soon!

Check out the D8U preview below…

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