Member Ratings Launch

On the 22nd of December, we launched our Member Rating feature across our casual dating platform, Excite. This latest innovation from our product development team has been designed to encourage member interaction and detect scammer profiles with its clever algorithms. Both email validation and profile completion rates have increased by +5% three weeks since launching.

Members have cast just under four thousand votes so far, with 87% of votes being a positive rating. We are delighted with the popularity of the feature so far and the high amount of positive votes is a real reflection of the quality of our dating communities. The 13% of votes cast to give a negative member rating will be used as valuable information for our support team to investigate in more detail.

Members are encouraged to complete various actions to build up a healthy rating score and in turn fill the member database with genuine content rich profiles. Points can be gained from completing different actions such as having a valid profile photo; validating their email and completing the sign-up flow (providing interests, profile header and description).  Members can also boost their score rating by having a high-level of site interaction e.g. posting blogs, events, profile status or new photos.

The feature not only encourages members to be more interactive whilst online, it also shines a spotlight on profiles that display high levels of scammer traits. If a profile has been reported in the last 30 days it will have a reduced score rating. Members can also rate other profiles, bumping them up or down depending on the interaction they have had with that member.

With an already established  24/7 customer support team and online tools to keep our online dating spaces safe, we predict this feature will give us advanced insight and a competitive edge on fighting scammers and providing the best service available.

Stay tuned for further performance insight on this new feature or speak to your account manager for more information.

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