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Members can now filter their search results to find matches with Video Profiles!

We introduced Video Profiles across the WLD platform last year to give members the opportunity to share their true selves authentically. Since then, we’ve been monitoring member activity closely and as expected, the feature has excelled!  It’s clear, now more than ever before, that members still want to be able to learn more about their potential matches through profile video content!

Until now, although an abundance of video content was being uploaded to the platform and viewed by our members, users were not able to actively filter their search results to view only members that has a video profile! So that’s why we’ve enhanced the White Label Dating platform’s functionality even further by introducing a ‘Has Video’ filter.

A reminder of what video profiles are

Video profiles are short videos that users upload, alongside their photos, to enhance their dating profiles and provide more information about themselves. 

Our ‘video profiles’ feature will allow members to upload unlimited 60 second long videos to their profile, straight from their computer or mobile phone.

Why we launched video profiles

With video content becoming an ever-increasingly sought-after tool for most social networking users, we wanted to make sure that members across our network were able to take advantage of this and utilise video profiles to help them meet their perfect match.

Traditional dating profiles tend to only highlight a user’s most polished photos and can hide their unfiltered personalities. Using video profiles, we’re giving members the opportunity to share their true selves authentically. It’s important that we always help members connect, engage and share within tolerant, inclusive communities that help people live their happily ever now.

What does this new search filter means for our partners

Easy access to video profiles results in more first messages being sent between members. We know that more first messages, means more meaningful conversations, and therefore more upgrades! We can’t wait to see the positive impact this new, exciting product enhancement has for our partners new subscription revenues as they receive a greater return from their campaigns, from the same amount of traffic. 

For more information about video stories and our search filter, contact us via email here.

Luke Smith

Luke is the Editor for Global Dating Insights. Originally from London, he achieved a BA in Journalism from De Montfort University, Leicester. An experienced content writer, he enjoys a variety of sports, with a keen passion for his football team, Fulham FC.

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