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Spectrum Labs Relocates Headquarters to Miami

Spectrum Labs has announced that it is relocating its headquarters and will be the headline sponsor of a diversity fellowship to support entrepreneurs and founders.

The AI-based content moderation platform is swapping San Francisco for Miami to access the diverse and skilled talent pool that is on offer in the Florida city. However, the company is committed to remaining remote-first and will continue to work with employees no matter where they are based.

CEO and co-founder Justin Davis explained in a press release: “As a business, Spectrum Labs is focused on building brighter and cleaner communities.

“A key part of this is diversity of thought. Having diverse perspectives is a catalyst in building an inclusive AI company, especially one in content moderation. This move to Miami gives us access to a diverse and highly skilled talent pool that will enable us to build innovative solutions and power a better internet as we live more of our lives online.”

Spectrum Labs is also the headline sponsor of the ‘Inclusion by Design Fellowship’ which was launched by the ‘Oasis Consortium’, a nonprofit organisation that works to advance digital stability. In August, The Meet Group was announced as a founding member.

The Fellowship will help a diverse group of founders, who run community based services, to increase their overall trust and safety. Recipients will receive discounted rates for Spectrum Labs’ content moderation platform.

Tiffany Xingyu Wang, President and co-founder of the Oasis Consortium, added: “Oasis partners with ethical technology companies like Spectrum Labs, to enable ‘ethical by design’ for emerging platforms. Safety, Privacy, and Inclusion by design are the pillars to build ethics and civility into our digital future.”

Visit the Spectrum Labs website here.

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