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Ready, Set, Go! Online Dating’s Peak Period Starts Now

Online dating’s peak period starts now! Take advantage of a natural uplift in registrations and enhanced conversion rates as people are online and looking for love. 

Google and search partners typically see an uplift in dating search queries towards the end of December every year, continuing through to February. It makes sense – people are setting new year resolutions to find love and February hosts Valentines Day! 

Last year WhiteLabelDating.com’s UK Mainstream network saw a +36% increase in registrations from December 2018 to January 2019, resulting in a massive +21% increase in new subscription revenues for our partners. The UK also saw a huge +11.5% increase in re-initial revenue from a +10% boost in members re-upgrading as a result of our New Year engagement campaigns. 

It’s time to be thinking about ramping up your marketing efforts to ensure that you’re capitalising on the opportunity to achieve more clicks and conversions on your dating sites. 

We work closely with our partners each year and are excited to share recurring campaign spending habits we see working year after year! Firstly, ensure appropriate budget capping for your campaigns and allow a minimum of 25% extra daily budget until 30th January. From Feb 1st you can return to standard daily budgets. Stick by these and you’ll be sure to take maximum advantage of the uplift in search volumes over the first month of the year. 

Here’s a few tips to compliment your paid and organic acquisition efforts… 

Optimise your Mobile ads and landing pages 

Avoid missing out on any additional traffic and ensure keywords are relevant and campaigns are mobile ready. To ensure that the user experience is as good on mobile as desktop, it’s important to ensure your landing pages are optimised for mobile. 

We often talk about the importance of utilising mobile traffic. If you’re not tapping into this group you’re missing a trick! With more members than ever before accessing our sites via a mobile device, ramp up your advertising spend, particularly for mobile. 

Create original marketing campaigns 

You should continue spending and optimising your campaigns to make sure you’re taking advantage of the natural uplift in traffic. 

Be sure to keep a close eye on your ad positioning.To maintain the highest converting ad spot for your site, keep an eye on your bids and make sure you adjust them accordingly. If other advertisers are halting their spend, it may be an interesting time to start increasing yours and seeing the rewards on less competition. If you have any questions on setting up your campaigns for the New Year, get in touch with your Partner Manager or reach out to partnersupport@whitelabeldating.com today!

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