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The Inside Track – August 2020

What to expect in this month’s Inside Track

August’s instalment of the Inside Track is here! Elliott, an Account Manager within our Partner team, talks about how our partners have seen a +66% increase in daily new subscription revenues since the start of lockdown, as well as how our USA network has seen revenue growth of +100% in spite of just a +50% increase in registrations. The platform is excelling and platform performance is speaking for itself.  Using Google trend reports Elliott also covers the interest over time for ‘online dating’ versus ‘offline dating’ search terms in the USA. 

Seb, our Head of White Label Dating, follows with some exciting insight into how we’re preparing for the roll out of our brand new networks. He talks in more details about the completion of our mature network’s core infrastructure and improvements to the search options for this and our other current networks, including christian, casual, mainstream and alternative. Seb continues to talk about how we’re improving search and site targeting options to allow our partners to acquire for less and easily grow profits in new and existing territories with hyper-local and hyper-niche targeting combos.

Finally, Ross, our Co-Founder and Co-CEO, provides insight into new projects that on the horizon. These include a next generation messaging and content platform that will enable video profiles, video calling and more. We’ve expanded our product team to include 4 new developers this month. This will allow our team work on a number of projects simultaneously and really gain momentum.

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