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We’ve Optimised Our Members Area to Boost Engagement and Upgrades!

Our product team has recently rolled out a number of rather awesome changes to the members area of White Label Dating’s partners’ sites. The changes have been made to the homepage – the page that members land on when they join and login to the platform.

In an ever evolving dating market, it’s important for us to optimise our members area so that members continue to engage with the product and upgrade their free memberships to paid subscriptions. This boosts ROI for our partners and ensures they can profitably grow their businesses and reinvest in their dating campaigns. 

What’s changed?

We’ve brought the most engaging features to the forefront of the members’ experience. By removing some unused real estate, moving engaging content higher up the page, adding more member imagery and filling wasted space, we’ve been able to increase activity across our mainstream and casual niches.

Img 1:  Before and after of the homepage members area on a desktop device – an overview of the changes made

More member photos!

Member photos are a key driver of activity across our partners’ dating sites. Members are over ten times more likely to send a message or a wink (this is a non-written communication action on site) to another member if they have a photo. I mean, who wants to talk to a silhouette? We certainly wouldn’t. 

We’ve significantly increased the number of member photos that are visible on the homepage so that members are more likely to see someone they like the look of and start a conversation.

Search is now at the forefront

Members use our partners’ sites to search for other singles. On desktop devices, our search tool sat below the  Encounters feature – an image based Y/N game-esque feature that allows members to match with others quickly.  However, we learned that when members conduct searches they go on to send more messages to others, compared to those that simply use the Encounters feature.

To ensure that the use of our activity driving feature is maximised, we’ve moved this up to the top of the members area homepage.

Img 2:  Search feature moved to top of page to replace Encounters

Addition of ‘Who’s Viewed Me?

Members can now see who is interested in them, straight from the homepage. We now let members know exactly who has viewed their profile, when they did it and how far away they are!

Img 3:  Who’s Viewed Me? added to the homepage area

Optimised member activity feed

Across our desktop homepage there were elements of unused space around our ‘member activity’ highlights feature. Only two member photos were shown for the two most recent photo uploads. What a waste of space, right? We’ve now replaced this area on site with a 5×3 grid of active members and included some new actions such as winks, messages and voice and video calls to bring even more photos to the page at any one time. Prior to this only photo and profile updates were displayed. 

Making this change has led to 13 more photos in this area which means 13 more contactable members and 13 more chances for members to send a message!

Img 4:  Member activity feed changed to include more photos and activity types

Highlighted popular members on mobile

Members using our casual niches from a mobile device will now be presented with a grid of 20 of the most popular members that they can contact. The popular member profiles receive more activity than other casual niche users. Our aim is to encourage more messages, resulting in more members upgrading.

Img 5:  Popular members grid added to mobile product on casual niches

Removed unused real estate

You’ll notice in the ‘before’ images, a large ‘Free messages’ icon in the top right. This has now been removed. This didn’t receive much attention and was taking up a reasonably large area of on-site real estate. Instead, we refined the key actions we want members to take (we want users to send messages as messages, in turn, lead to upgrades) and filled this key area at the top of the page with some actionable prompts.

Img 6:  Unused real estate removed and replaced with key action driving prompts

The results are already speaking for themselves…

We’re thrilled with the changes that have been made to improve the members area experience for users. All of the above are helping to keep on-site activity flowing, meaning more interaction and engagement, which positively correlates with upgrades rates. We’re excited to see our partners start to reap the rewards of this project as engagement across the platform grows.

If you have any questions about our updated members area, please contact partnersupport@whitelabeldating.com.

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