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We’ve Seen Our Highest Upgrade Rate in Almost a Decade!

2021 has been all go here at White Label Dating HQ!  We’ve launched an impressive number of brand new features across the platform and enhanced the majority of our current dating sites’ features to ensure our partners can stay competitive in an ever evolving dating market.

We’re super proud of our team’s output and the results are speaking for themselves. This year, our partners have seen the highest upgrade rate in almost a decade! Yes, you heard that right – a decade!

We’ve seen the highest upgrade rate in almost a decade! 

In recent weeks, we’ve seen the highest same-day upgrade rate the platform has seen in almost a decade! This means that our partners are getting more paying members from the traffic they are sending to their dating sites running on the White Label Dating platform than ever before! 

This year, in 2021, the rate at which members are upgrading to paid subscriptions on the same day that they join our partners’ dating sites has grown by a massive +48% versus 2014 (average upgrade rate), and a staggering +72%, when comparing to September 2021 alone!

 Graph shows non-scammer, verified members that upgrade on the same day that they join a dating site on the White Label Dating platform.

How have we done it? 

Same-day upgrade rates have gone from strength to strength inline with the rollout of a considerable number of new features and product enhancements.

As the number of people going on dates continues to rise – through vaccination awareness relating to the global pandemic, and the use of enhanced online dating site features – we’re proud to be supporting our partners to help people confidently meet in person and find love again.

Along with our new video features, ‘video calling’, ‘video profiles’ and ‘video stories’, that we released throughout 2021, we have also significantly enhanced the dating experience for members in a number of other ways to ensure they are motivated to upgrade, and therefore generate a greater ROI for our partners.

If you missed any of our recent updates, check them out below:

👉 We improved the user experience for users registering on mobile

As part of our recent changes to the mobile UX, we’ve made sure that users can take action and start engaging even sooner than before.  

👉 Members can now add videos to their dating profiles

Members can upload unlimited 60 second long videos to their profile, straight from their computer or mobile phone. 

👉 We’ve reached one million views across our new video stories feature

The boost in story content has significantly increased engagement across the platform. 

👉 Members can now add their subscription to their mobile phone bill

We’ve partnered with Fonix to bring mobile carrier billing to the platform to ensure our partners can continue to improve their ROI.

What our partners have to say

Ben Hitchens, our long-term partner and Founder of WeLoveDates.com, recently commented on platform performance. You can view the full article here.

Here’s a sneak peek at what Ben had to say: “We’re absolutely delighted with the continuing and sustained performance of the WhiteLabelDating.com platform and how it’s generating a return on the traffic we’re sending to our sites. We’ve never seen such a strong performance and the last few months have been absolutely fantastic’. 

To learn more about our recent product updates, click here.

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