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White Label Dating Monthly Newsletter – June 2020

What’s new

We’ve increased our payment success rate by intelligently optimising our billing process

You may remember, back in April, we highlighted impressive growth in new paying subscribers on the White Label Dating platform. Growth that exceeded January – the highest converting month in the dating calendar historically! This was due to an internal project focusing on the optimisation of our billing process. Last month we were delighted to see a record-breaking increase of +20% in new paying subscribers versus April, across both our mainstream and casual networks. 

The project increased our ability to capture revenue and boosted conversion rates platform-wide, meaning our partners will get an even better return on their investment. We’re delighted to report that so far in June, our partners are continuing to reap the rewards of this project with our platform seeing its highest day for new paying subscribers of the month, this weekend. Saturday secured the spot for the second highest day this year! Only beaten by one date, early in February.

Want to know how we did it?

The project involved us looking  at payment failures across all acquirers and merchants, analysed by location, device, browser, bank and more. We then challenged all assumptions to enable us to effectively optimise the billing processes and fraud prevention techniques we already have in place. The goal was to capture as much revenue as possible for our partners and we uncovered some amazing opportunities. For more information on what we did and the results, click here.

What’s been going on at Google

Don’t forget, last month we talked about Google’s May core update. The Company released information showing that changes in ranking could be affected and combated with a strong SEO audit. If you haven’t already done so, we’d highly recommend conducting a strong SEO audit of your dating portfolio to highlight any focus areas. For more information on what to look for view our recent post.

You can also read more about what we have done to comply with Google’s updated EU User Consent Policyhere

What’s to come

Brand new mainstream and casual ring-fenced networks 

We regularly ask our partners what they want to see in our roadmap and what projects would best help them grow their dating businesses. One that we hear the most is expansion opportunities, in the shape of new networks. So that’s exactly what we’re doing… 

In the coming weeks we will be rolling out an inspiring number of new mainstream and casual networks. These will be dedicated ring-fenced niche networks to fulfil the exact requirements of the niche. They’ll each have optimised engagement content and detailed and relevant onsite collateral including articles, blogs and videos (we all know how common it is to adopt video chat nowadays – in the current global climate in particular). More on exciting video projects in coming weeks.

The new networks will bring lower acquisition costs due to the ability to target untouched niche traffic in the market, higher conversion rates from the optimised niche-specific user experience, and higher subscription prices as the quality of the network features we’ll be offering permit for this. All of which will lead to higher lifetime values from each member and ultimately a greater return on investment.

White Label Dating’s brand new Dating Dashboard 

We touched on our brand new Dating Dashboard last month, following last year’s partner conference, where we shared launch plans for 2020. The tool will encompass industry-leading analytics, offering our partners unseen reports to help them review their metrics and campaign performance with ease, across any device.

As well as new and improved reporting our partners will have access to enhanced forecasting and ROI calculationsphone and tablet apps for both iOS and Android devices to provide optimised reporting and full site management on any device, the ability to send scheduled and event-triggered reports and alerts, and lots, lots more!

As part of the plans to relaunch our partner portal, we’ve completely re-designed our site creator. With the new, improved tool, creating and duplicating sites will be extremely fast and easy! 

We’ve committed a seven-figure annual investment to the current Partner Portal’s imposing successor and are excited to hear what you think. Stay tuned for more on our Dating Dashboard in the coming weeks!

More opportunities

Wow! 15-20 new cross-sell zones

We regularly encourage our partners to work with their account managers to prepare and implement comprehensive cross-sell strategies, to ensure they are getting the best return on the traffic they are actively driving to their dating websites.

Cross-registration involves displaying banners and/or links on a particular site, that will navigate members through to another site within that partner’s portfolio. This can be from a broadly targeted mainstream site focused at all singles (the source site), to a more niche site on the same or a different network (the target/cross-sell site) – popular examples are from broad mainstream to a mature site, a single parent site or even a casual dating site. 

The tools we currently have in place that permit cross-sell are fantastic, with options to link cross-sell sites from the navigation, email footers and on the dating site itself. BUT, we’re a team that always wants to do better, so, that’s exactly what we’ve done. 

Our brand new tool introduces 15 new cross-sell zones and we’ll be launching these incrementally over the next eight weeks. These will be available for both the mainstream and casual networks (as well as the new networks that we’ve mentioned above). You’ll have the ability to target male and female cross-sell separately to ensure maximise effectiveness. And what’s more, if you’re setting up mainstream to mainstream cross-sell we’ll be able to set this up as ‘one-click’. This means the user will only need to click the banner once and they’re ready to utilise the new site too! One-click is a great way to reduce friction in the cross-sell process and will boost results even further!

The first of these spots will be available in the next couple of weeks. Get in touch with your account manager to start planning your implementation strategy and immediately boost your return on your current traffic, for no additional cost! It’s a no brainer.

Expansion into the USA

The team at White Label Dating have spent some quality time researching the USA network ahead of encouraging partners to grow their portfolios into this territory. We wanted to be able to provide guidance as to which areas are the best to target and how much you’ll likely be paying in each area

We’ve managed to collate an impressive set of data that includes conversion rates per city, current cost-per-leads (the amount you can expect to pay for traffic in these areas), best performing niches for most states and also some insight into the demographics we’re seeing good responses to in each.

Geo-targeting will be the key to success in the USA. If you’re ready to get going across the pond and would like some more information to help guide your acquisition strategy reach out to your account manager today. 

Keep your eyes peeled for this months Inside Track where we’ll be sharing more detailed information about cross-sell toolopportunities with the USA (including focus locations!) and also more on our brand new ring-fenced networks!

All the best,

The team at White Label Dating

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