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White Label Dating’s Video Calling Launch Boasts Increase in New Paying Subscribers Across Both Mainstream (+42%) and Casual (+59%) Niches

Prior to the pandemic, online dating was already a big business. Now, as Covid-19 remains on the horizon and social distancing is continuing throughout 2021, we’ve proactively retuned the way we are supporting society to stay connected whilst ensuring our partners achieve the highest ROI possible from their dating sites. 

To ensure our partners could capitalise on the trend of face-to-face video dates that continues to rise throughout society, we recently launched our brand new Voice and Video Calling feature across all sites!

Voice and Video Calling launches across White Label Dating

Video Calling launched in beta across our UK mainstream niches on January 29th 2021 . This included our mainstream dating niche and our over 50s dating niche. This day saw the highest same-day conversion rate for our UK mainstream niches  so far this year. It also boasted a staggering +42% increase in this metric on the Friday of launch, versus January’s average Friday rate (excluding 1st Jan). Same-day conversion rate is the rate at which members  upgrade to a paid subscription on the same day that they join their chosen dating site.

Video calls can be made by paying members, with free users being able to receive calls once a message or another communication activity that expresses interest in another user, such as a wink, has been exchanged. 

Video Calling live across both mobile and desktop devices on all White Label Dating sites

This exciting new Video Calling feature was rolled out in full, internationally, across all mainstream and casual niches on February 5th. This included our newest casual niche, Kink.

The first Saturday after the casual launch saw the UK casual niches’ same-day conversion peak +42% higher than the highest Saturday so far this year (9th January), and  a staggering +59% higher than 2021’s average same-day conversion on Saturday’s thus far.

Valentine’s Weekend

Since the launch of Video Calling across the platform, member usage and subsequent upgrades have been very impressive across all niches.

Valentine’s day, unsurprisingly, also welcomed a very strong weekend for site performance. With stimulating promotion across the homepage, the weekend of love saw an uplift in the number of calls attempted. This positively correlated with a boost in upgrades.

Over the Valentine’s weekend, our international  same-day conversion rate across mainstream sites peaked +26% higher than the previous Sunday. Our international same-day conversion rate across casual sites also grew, peaking +13% higher than the same comparison date (previous Sunday).

On-site Video Calling promotion for this new feature over Valentine’s weekend

What can we expect next

Following the outstanding initial performance of this popular new mobile and desktop feature, we anticipate that Video Calling, now also accompanied by Voice Calling ( which launched 9th February), will continue to encourage members to connect and upgrade on our partners’ dating sites. This will further boost revenues and generate an ever-increasing ROI.

Voice and Video Calling will be live across all new upcoming niches, including our Christian dating and BBW dating niches.

 If you haven’t already seen our new Video Calling feature in action, check out our pre-launch video below.

For more information about our recent product updates or to discuss becoming a White Label Dating partner, contact talk@whitelabeldating.com.

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