Mixxxer is An Unambiguous Adult Tinder


Mixxxer is a new adult sex app that promises to deliver a “true adults only proximity hook-up service”.

Released at the end of May, it is basically Tinder without the ambiguity of intent.

Michael Manes, creator of Mixxxer, said it isn’t a porn app, it just has a clearer purpose of what you are looking for.

It is unsurprisingly unavailable on the Google Play and App Store, due to their strict guidelines regarding sexually explicit material.

Instead Mixxxer has been made available as mobile web app, which can only be accessed from the browser of a mobile device.

When you open up the Mixxxer app, it scans the nearby area for other users who are also looking for sex.

One of the app’s features is that members can share uncensored pictures of themselves.

However if you are worried about privacy, they have a “shower door” effect, which blurs your photo.

Mixxxer have added a safety zone of one mile, so no one can trace you to your exact location, unless you want them to.

Founder Michael Manes told The Daily Dot that the app’s userbase is 65% men, and 35% women and couples.

You can sign up for the standard free Mixxxer membership, or there is a paid package that offers unlimited access.

Visit Mixxxer here.