Fast-Growing Brands Give Marketing Dept Key Role In Growth Strategy

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Businesses that give marketing departments a key role in overall business strategy are more successful that those who don’t.

That is according to a new report, entitled Marketing DNA for Fast Growing Businesses, from Digital Radish and ALF Business Development.

For the report, they surveyed 75 senior marketers from a variety of UK businesses, to gain insight into the role marketing departments play in overall business growth, and what the DNA of fast-growing businesses looks like.

The researchers found that 87% of fast-growing businesses give its marketing department an influential role in setting overall business strategy, which drops to 69% in businesses not enjoying a strong growth trajectory.

In addition to this, they found that 75% of businesses believe predictive marketing technology will be the biggest disrupter in the marketing space over the next ten years.

The study also found that the vast majority, 88%, of fast-growing businesses are outsourcing work to marketing agencies.

Renaye Edwards, Digital Radish Managing Director said: “Predictive and automated technology has allowed marketers to own customer insight, forecast trends and business growth.

“This enables them to be in a very powerful position; being recognised as a key contributor to their business’ success and supporting their business strategy from the very beginning.”

Read out the full report here, and check out an infographic of the main findings below:

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