Tinder Partners With Amnesty International


Tinder has partnered with Amnesty International to help promote gender equality for International Women’s Day on Saturday.

Australian users of the app are being asked to support the cause by uploading a profile picture of an Amnesty campaign, which include messages such as: “Not all women have the choices you do.”

These messages link to the site makethechoice.com.au, and users can also being encouraged to support the campaign by writing “Amnesty stands up for women’s rights, will you?” in their About Me section.


Justin Mateen, co-founder and CMO of Tinder, said: “We are honoured to partner with such an esteemed organisation as Amnesty International Australia to raise awareness of the human rights abuses faced by millions of young girls and women.

“Empowering women is a vital part of Tinder’s overall mission.”

Peter Thomas, Director of Marketing and Fundraising at Amnesty International Australia, said: “This new collaboration between Tinder and Amnesty International Australia is another way of reaching a new audience and illustrating that support for women’s equality can take many forms.

“Tinder is not only helping build social networks and uniting like minded people, it’s also helping promote interest and support for human rights.”


Thomas said he hopes the partnership will help to draw attention towards violence against women in countries like Papua New Guinea, where 90% of those in the Highlands report being raped or assaulted.

He also quoted a Global Rights survey which estimates that 87% of women in Afghanistan have experienced at least one form of physical, sexual or psychological violence or forced marriage.

Users can get instructions on joining the campaign from Amnesty International’s Facebook and Twitter pages, to help grow support for the campaign amongst the app’s user base.