Twitter Create ‘Personas’ You Can Target


Twitter has beefed up its audience insight features, to enable advertisers to better tailor their ad campaigns.

Part of this update is something called “Personas”, which groups specific audiences together, so advertisers can easily target them.

These personas include groups like parents, millennials, seniors and business decision-makers.

Advertisers can also combine these personas with specific characteristics – so you could choose to target millennials who use iOS devices.

Tailor your campaigns better

Twitter’s enhanced campaign insights also gives ad partners better information about who their campaigns are actually reaching.

By clicking “View audience insights”, advertisers can compare insights between their reached and engaged audience – finding out who are more likely to engage, and why.


The insights will show information about user demographics, interests and purchasing behaviour.

Better insights about your audience

In addition to this, new tailored audience insights gives partners information about who has visited their site, info on customers from their CRM database, and about those who have taken certain actions with their app, such as installing, purchasing or signing-up.


Shatara Geter, the Social Advertising Strategist at Resolution Media said the update was one of Twitter’s “greatest additions” to the advertising side of the platform:

“With the breadth of information available through Twitter’s audience insights, we can now target our audience in a more indirect manner. This allows us to not only learn more about why they interact with our content but if we are truly targeting our desired audience.

“Audience insights also allows us to make better creative recommendations based on the behaviors of engaged audiences in the past (for similar campaign initiatives). Overall, this is one of Twitter’s greatest additions to the advertising side of the platform.”

Read more about the update here.

Simon Edmunds

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