Find Your ‘Ideological Soul Mate’ With Senate Dating App From Vocativ


Digital news site Vocativ has created a web based app, Votr, to help people choose the right Senate candidate for them.

Votr is a Tinder-style app which lets users swipe left or right on politicians, so they can find “their perfect political match”.

The app aims to match you with your “ideological soul mate” by asking a series of questions.

It asks for information about your education, financial situation, military background and whether your state is red or blue.


Votr then asks for your views on abortion, gay marriage, gun control and the legalisation of marijuana.

Finally, they ask you more light-hearted questions about your hair, whether you love sports or the arts, and who you would choose over Beyonce and Rihanna.

You can then swipe through profiles of the 36 Senate candidates running in the mid-term elections, which include their main political stances, and a fun fact.

If you swipe to the left, the politicians get saved in your matches and you can access their social media accounts or website to get more information.

Play the game here.