Twitter Ads Using App Data, Tracking Which Apps You Have Installed


Twitter will start using data from mobile apps users have installed on their phones, to better target ad campaigns.

Their “tailored audiences from mobile apps” will allow advertisers to push their ads to people based on the actions they’ve taken in apps on their device.

Companies will be able to target those who haven’t downloaded the app, those who have downloaded the app but not signed up, and those who have not purchased anything.

In a blog post, product manager Kelton Lynn explains: “With tailored audiences from mobile apps, you can also combine different types of tailored audiences – from mobile apps, from lists and from website visitors – for user acquisition and remarketing strategies to maximize the reach and efficiency of your campaigns.

“These audience segments update in real time and allow for easy audience creation, maximum campaign efficiency and minimal ongoing management.”



Twitter users who want to opt out of this can do so by unchecking the “tailor ads based on information shared by ads partners” in the app’s privacy settlings.

And those iOS users who have “limit ad tracking” turned on, will automatically be counted out from the feature.

Twitter recently announced that they will start tracking which apps you have installed on your device, to better target ads to you, and this new feature seems like the first step in that direction.

It would certainly be attractive for dating app to advertise to people who have Tinder installed on their phone, for example.