Twitter Now Targeting Ads Based On The Apps You Install


As we wrote earlier in the week, Twitter are now collecting information about which apps you have installed on your phone.

After you are shown a prompt, the company records data about the apps on your phone, in order to give you better tailored content.

And now, Twitter have introduced installed app targeting, which uses this data to allow advertisers to target users based on the apps they download.

In a blog post, the company said: “One of the biggest priorities for mobile app marketers is to reach the people who are most likely to use and love their apps. Today’s launch is the next step in our journey to help these advertisers connect with the right customers on Twitter – while providing users with the most relevant and useful ad content.”


Advertisers can now identify new audiences to target within their existing app category, and in related app categories.

For example, if you were looking to drive installs of a task management app, you might select the “Productivity” category, to reach users who have recently installed similar apps.

But alongside this, you could also target users in the “Finance” category, who might also be interested in your app.


With this comes new reporting and analytics for installed app categories in the advertiser dashboard.

Twitter have tested the new system with their beta partners, including shopping platform Mercari, financial services app Acorns and online flea market app Fril.

Sami Khan, the marketing director at Acorns said: “Installed app category targeting has been one of the best new additions to the Twitter suite of targeting capabilities. At Acorns, we are now able to combine not only what users are talking about but focus on those that have already relevant apps on their phones; thus making our ad dollars even more efficient.

“Using multiple layers of targeting on Twitter allows us to discern amongst the millions of users on Twitter and jump right into the core of the customers we want today.”

The new targeting is available globally to all advertisers running mobile app install and engagement campaigns on Twitter.

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