Hinge Reveal Most Attractive Employees In Tech


Amazon has the most attractive employees in tech, according to dating app Hinge.

Hinge said their users were 14.2% more likely to swipe right on Amazon employees.

Their study said that Amazon employees were almost twice as attractive as their Microsoft counterparts, who came in second, ahead of Google, Facebook and Apple workers.

Hinge operates like Tinder, but focuses more on giving users quality matches based on mutual connections — such as friends of friends — and your professional, education, and social history.

It will only show you mutual friends, and puts a match’s education and work info at the forefront.

Hinge released this marketing in conjunction with The Wall Street Journal.

The study was picked up by publications including TIME, Business Insider, Bustle and CNBC.


The New York-based company said: “Employees at four of the five tech companies are all more sought after than non-techie Hinge users. Apple workers got right-swiped at about the average rate.”

The employees deemed the pickiest – assessed by how many swipes to the left – were those from Facebook, who were 7.5% more likely to reject people.

Amazon fared well in these stakes, shown to be the least picky  – rejecting people at 15% below the average user.

Karen Fein, marketing director at Hinge, said: “We’re saying that there are other details that matter to determine how interested you might be in another person.

“It’s not just about looks. Where you work actually impacts the way others perceive you.”

Hinge, which launched last year, said they are nearing their 3 millionth match, and recently received $4.5m of funding from prestigious VC firms Founders Fund and Lowercase Capital.

Hinge also created a Game of Thrones-inspired chart illustrating their results:


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