MailChimp Release App For Quick Visual Campaigns


MailChimp have released a new app that lets you send quick photo-based emails from your phone.

Called MailChimp Snap, it allows you to add a photo you’ve just taken, or upload one from your camera roll or Instagram feed.

You then attach a quick note to go along with the photo, perhaps including a link to your site or a download link, and pick an email template.


The idea is to take the hassle out of creating an email campaign, if you just want to share a quick update to your subscribers, who also benefit from receiving a simple visual message from the company.

Dating sites and apps could utilise MailChimp Snap to send quick campaigns alerting customers to a new download, feature, promotional deal or event in their city.

After you’ve created the campaign, you can choose which subscribers to send it to, either by picking a segment, or manually selecting.

Download the app here.