Zoosk Study Finds Dating Traits at Bottom of Bottle

Zoosk“What are you having?” might give away want you want, a new study reveals.

In celebration of Oktoberfest, dating site Zoosk has published a study that tells us what your beer choice says about your dating traits.

They asked 2,800 single, beer-drinking Zoosk members a series of questions, to find out if there was any correlation between beer choice and dating personality.

And here are the results:

Domestic beer: these drinkers are most likely to be looking for marriage, with 20%. They aren’t big on PDA’s however and favour a no nonsense dinner and movie on a first date.

Microbrew beer: Apparently quite a wild bunch, these drinkers are most likely to have a one-night stand, 74%, and 54% of them want to get “intimate” every day. 

Ultra-light beer: The antithesis of the thrill-seeking microbeer crew, these drinkers have had the most long-term relationships, 75%, and enjoy a romantic evening in and chats about their life goals.

Import beer: Least likely to have a one night stand and most likely to be a virgin, they are a generally introverted bunch who like animals and can’t wait for their next holiday.

Light beer: These drinkers are a family-orientated lot. 92% of them are open to dating people with kids and 64% spend time with family and friends at the weekend.