A Guide To Understanding And Targeting The ‘Always-On’ Consumer


With the increasing presence of technology in our lives, and social norms rapidly changing, a new breed of consumer has appeared, called the “always on” consumer.

Whereas the majority of people, and those from previous decades, would usually fit into general “types” of consumers that would shop and buy at particular times, there are now those who are constantly online and able to buy at any time.

Some new research by Steve Hashman, the Director of Marketing & Products at Exponential Solutions (The CUBE), has been brought together in an infographic, outlining the key information needed to successfully target these consumers.

The graphic reveals that 57% of consumers are more likely to pay attention to companies if they are contacted at the right time and in the right context, and that 52% of them expect businesses to know when this time is.

Almost 50% of consumers know that companies benefit from their data, but they do not know how to trade it for value in return.

However, of those consumers who spend a lot of time online, 61% are used to trading for such rewards, compared to 43% of light internet users.

Check out the full infographic below:


Simon Edmunds

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