Google Lifts Limits On 300×250 Above The Fold Ads


Google is lifting limits on 300×250 ad units placed above the fold.

The change comes after hearing publishers’ “frustrations” over the limit on mobile webpages.

Because of this, starting on 2nd May 2017, Google is letting this format be placed above the fold on mobile web pages.

The company said that after a “careful review”, it determined that when placed above the fold in a user-friendly way, the ads “do not annoy, distract, or result in ad performance issues.”

Google did stress that publishers must ensure mobile layouts do not cause these ads to push the page content below the fold, however, therefore resulting in accidental clicks.

In a blog post, Head of Publisher Policy Communications John Brown said: “To ensure a good user experience, we still recommend the site content should be clear and accessible above the fold.

“As well as having a mobile-friendly site, it’s important to provide a good user experience for your mobile audience. By focussing on your mobile site’s design, content, and ad placements you could help to increase user engagement. In turn, this could lead to an increase in your mobile ad revenue in the long-term.”

For tips on how to optimise ads on mobile web, check out Google’s optimisation guide here.

Simon Edmunds

Simon is the former editor of Global Dating Insights. Born in Newcastle, he has an English degree from Queen Mary, London and after working for the NHS, trained as a journalist with the Press Association. Passionate about music, journalism and Newcastle United.

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